7 Useful Tips For Choosing Best WordPress Plugins TBS new

7 Useful Tips For Choosing Best WordPress Plugins

Are you tired of choosing the inappropriate WordPress plugin for your website all the time? Don’t fret about it because you are not the only scapegoat of this. It happens with most folks especially when they’ve more than 50,000+ WordPress plugins available in the official WordPress plugin directory. It is clearly challenging to pick the WordPress plugin as right as rain.

So, in collaboration with our qualified developers and professionals, we’ve brainstormed our ideas and conclusively prepared a listicle of useful tips for choosing the best WordPress plugins. We don’t claim that you will get 100% results by following these tips but at least, you will be a lot closer to what you want. No two ways about it. Let’s move forward now.

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1. Understanding Your Requirements

Understanding Your Requirement TBS

Before kick-starting your plugin search campaign, you must ensure that the list of all your requirements is ready with you. It eases the process of searching. The simplest method is writing down all your needs or required features in a WordPress plugin. It is not possible to get a WordPress plugin owning all your desired features. WordPress plugins may include various other features not required by the users. Hence, you should home in on must-have features first rather than all the features.

2. Filtering Your Plugin Search

Filtering the plugin search TBS

After writing down the list of required features now comes the mattering-much task. The prime spot for searching the WordPress plugins is official WordPress plugin directory. You can search and download plenty of free and freemium WordPress plugins. The search tool of plugin directory can be dicey at first for the rookies. On plugins page, check out the three available sections i.e. featured plugins, popular plugins and beta plugins. If you still don’t see your required plugin at these sections then attempt to utilize the search bar located on the page by typing relevant keywords.

3. Comparing the Plugins

Comparing the Plugins TBS

If you find multiple WordPress plugins that are fulfilling your requirements then visit each plugin’ page in succession for more details. This page will give you the complete idea about plugin creation, usage and major features etc. We recommend you open the plugin page in a new tab and compare all the plugins one by one. You will eventually reach closer by doing this.

4. Checking the Plugin Ratings

Checking the Plugin Rating TBS

The plugin uploaded on official WordPress plugin directory has a sidebar section which shows its ratings given by the users. Overall ratings help you to find the average opinion of plugin users. Ratings start from 1 star to 5 stars. A rating of 5-stars is the highest whereas 1-star rating is the lowest.  Additionally, some people don’t bother to give plugin the rating after using. Accordingly, you should consider this factor as well. Following the majority should me your way to go.

5. Exploring the Plugin Reviews

Exploring the Plugin Reviews TBS

Whenever you plan to buy a laptop, you make sure to consider few reviews of that laptop from the users who bought it before. Similar is the case for choosing or buying the WordPress plugin. Reviews possess the reasoning lies behind the given ratings. It’s the next step i.e. after rating the plugin.

When a WordPress plugin user rates the plugin, WordPress.org asks the user to provide a review for that plugin. You can read the review upon clicking the ratings. Review simply makes the rating understandable for other users. In fact, few clear plugin reviews can make the job easier for those who want to go along with that plugins. Once again, following the majority of similar reviews can become handy.

6. Surveying the Plugin Support

Plugin Support TBS

It is vital to go through the WordPress plugin support section before choosing any plugin. On the right sidebar of every plugin page, you can see the plugin support section which includes support threads, FAQs, Active Topics, and Unresolved Topics. These things show the activeness of WordPress plugin author as well. You can check the resolved, unresolved and also the active topics with no author response.

7. Ensuring the Plugin Compatibility

Plugin Support TBS

Don’t miss this point if you want WordPress plugin to work seamlessly with your WordPress website. Every plugin page displays the information regarding the compatibility of WordPress plugin with the latest version of WordPress.

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Having said that, you can also see when was the last time WordPress plugin updated. test the plugin with the latest  WordPress version. After successfully testing the plugin, they display this information on the WordPress plugin page.

There are several different platforms from where you can download the free or buy the premium WordPress plugins. We recommend you first visit WordPress.org for your cause because WordPress plugin passes through a strict testing procedure before upload. All plugins are free of cost here. WordPress.org redirects you if there’s a premium version of any WordPress plugin available. Few other platforms of free and premium WordPress plugins are:

It doesn’t matter on which platform you are searching WordPress plugins because everywhere you will see same things such as ratings, reviews, downloads, prices and support threads. Most importantly, the criteria for choosing the best WordPress plugin is same as explained in this post.

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